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Concrete Waterproofing

Protecting the Investment in your Building

Prevent Water And Moisture Problems With A Complete Concrete Waterproofing Package.

Major investments are made in buildings today, and those investments deserve the very best protection available. For that protection, look to the only company that has consistently helped owners protect their buildings against the ingress of moisture for over 90 years: W. R. MEADOWS. Recognized as the leader in developing and producing quality products for the construction industry, W. R. MEADOWS’ products can bring to your project a coveted reputation earned with architects, engineers and contractors.

What makes up the total moisture control package?

Moisture is found in some form or another on every building site. The difference between a satisfied owner and a “problem” project is how you deal with that moisture. Critical to concrete waterproofing are all the products used in combination to create a system. It’s this system that ensures that you have complete control of moisture migration in a facility. With W. R. MEADOWS’ complete line of waterproofing and moisture control products, you’ll have all the products needed to create and install the proper protective system for your building.

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